Planning ahead

It can be daunting to organise your personal, financial and legal affairs, collect all the paperwork and make decisions, such as writing your will or choosing the type of funeral you would like. However, getting your affairs in order can bring a sense of relief and can allow you to focus on treatment and living.

Learn more about these important practical, medical and legal issues that you should consider at this time:

Organising your paperwork

It’s helpful to have all of your paperwork up to date and in one place. This will make it easier if a family member has to help you with financial and legal matters.

Important documents to get together might include:

  • birth, marriage and divorce certificates
  • bank and credit card information, passwords
  • investment details (e.g. shares, funds)
  • Centrelink and Medicare details superannuation and insurance information
  • house title/lease documents
  • loan details (e.g. house, car)
  • passport
  • will 
  • advance care directive
  • document appointing a substitute decision-maker
  • funeral information.

Discuss your legal arrangements with your family, and let someone know how to contact your lawyer.

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