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Project Grant

To support research into any aspects of cancer, including its causes, mechanisms, prevention, treatment and care, and the organisation and performance of cancer control services.


Project Grants are open to all Australian cancer researchers. Grant scheme complies with conditions for Category 1 HERDC reporting (“Other 1.7”).

$450,000 over 3 yearsAnnualClosed

Sally Crossing AM Award for an Outstanding Outcome in Cancer Research

Rewards outstanding achievement in cancer research, the inclusion of consumers in research, and the delivery of significant benefit to the cancer community.


Eligible researchers will have received Cancer Council NSW competitive research funding as lead chief investigator in the previous decade.

$50,000 over 1 yearAnnualClosed


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Share your experience

We are conducting a research study about the support needed by people affected by cancer, including anyone with a current or past cancer diagnosis, and anyone caring for someone affected by cancer.

This information will be used to plan Cancer Council NSW's services and to campaign for broader health system changes to improve the quality of life of people affected by cancer.