Overcoming cancer pain

People with cancer don’t always have pain. However, some people may have pain due to the cancer, its treatment, or other conditions that are unrelated to the cancer.

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People experience pain in different ways and even people with the same type of cancer can have different experiences. 

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Overcoming Cancer Pain DVD

Cancer pain can be challenging but there are ways to manage it. Overcoming Cancer Pain covers issues such as talking about pain; the pain scale; keeping a pain diary; when to take medication; dosage; side effects, including depression; and other ways to reduce pain, such as meditation and music.

This is a video about real people’s experiences dealing with cancer pain. We meet three patients – Judy, Pat and Christina and one carer Rob, Judy’s husband – who share their experiences and suggestions for overcoming cancer pain.

We also meet many of the health professionals who are members of the pain management team and hear from them about about how pain can be controlled and what they need to know about your pain. The health professionals address some of the fears people have about pain and strong pain relief.

Call 13 11 20 to request a free copy of the booklet Overcoming Cancer Pain, or download the PDF from this page.

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