Schools and teachers

Schools and teachers

If you work in a school, at some stage you will probably need to support students, families and colleagues affected by cancer. A cancer diagnosis has a ripple effect throughout the school community and calls for a sensitive, well-informed response from staff.

Cancer Council offers a range of resources to help you manage the issues raised by cancer in your school.

Information for school staff:

  • Cancer in the school community: When a student, family member or staff member has cancer 
  • Talking to kids about cancer: How to explain all stages of cancer to children
  • Workplace cancer support: General information on work and cancer for employees, managers and employers
  • Sun protection: Information and resources on the free SunSmart program for primary schools, SunSmart tips, and sun protection for workplaces
  • Eat It To Beat It: Information and resources about the Eat It To Beat It program for schools, which includes free workshops and sessions for parents about healthy eating that can lower cancer risk

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