Support after treatment

After your cancer treatment ends, you may feel unsure how to adjust to a new way of living and any physical, emotional and practical challenges.

We’re here for you even after your treatment ends. We offer services, information, webinars, and other resources to help you find your ‘new normal’.

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Breast cancer survivor, Diane Holt
Cancer Connect gave me the information, emotional support and reassurance I needed to face each cancer decision confidently and share my feelings and fears in a safe, confidential space.Diane, breast cancer survivor

Resources for survivors

  • Watch our exercise videos for improving your strength and flexibility.
  • Read practical information about living well after cancer treatment.
  • Watch our webinars on topics such as fatigue, anxiety and depression and caring for the carer.
  • Visit the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre for videos, webinars, tools, factsheets, events and more, designed to help people move from initial treatment to post treatment and beyond, including those receiving maintenance treatments.
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