Cancer information

To find reliable information about a specific type of cancer, click on the links below. Each section has easy-to-read information about symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. This is a good starting point when cancer feels overwhelming. 

Learn more about how we can help you both during and after cancer treatment.

Anal cancer Melanoma 
B Mesothelioma – peritoneal  
Bile duct cancer Mesothelioma – pleural
Bladder cancer Mouth
Blood cancer Myeloma
Bone cancer (primary) N
Bone cancer (secondary) Nasal or paranasal sinus cancer
Bowel cancer Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Brain cancer O
Breast cancer Oesophageal cancer
C Ovarian cancer
Cancer of unknown primary P
Cervical cancer Pancreatic cancer
Colorectal cancer Pancreatic NETs
H Pharyngeal cancer
Head and neck cancers Prostate cancer
Hodgkin lymphoma S
K Salivary gland cancer
Kidney cancer Skin cancer
L Spinal cord tumours
Laryngeal cancer Stomach cancer
Leukaemia – acute lymphoblastic T
Leukaemia – acute myeloid Testicular cancer
Leukaemia – chronic lymphocytic Throat cancer
Leukaemia – chronic myeloid Thyroid cancer
Liver cancer (primary) U
Liver cancer (secondary) Uterine cancer
Lung cancer V
Lymphoma – Hodgkin Vaginal cancer
Lymphoma – non-Hodgkin Vulvar cancer

How we can help

Click on the links below to get reliable information for your specific situation.

I have cancer I’m a friend or family member
I’m a teacher or school principal I need workplace cancer support
I need information in another language I’m Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

Support Services

Coping with cancer?
Speak to a qualified health professional someone who has been there.

Connect with others affected by cancer
Online forums, support groups and blogs to connect, support and share your cancer experience.

Cancer information

Need legal and financial assistance?
Practical advice and support during and after treatment

Looking for transport, accommodation or home help?
Practical advice and support during and after treatment