Smoke-free apartments NSW

Information to help you take action

NSW strata committees have the authority to ban smoking by introducing a smoke-free by-law.

Introducing a smoke-free by-law is the most effective way to eliminate the health, legal and financial risks associated with smoking in apartment complexes.

To help strata committees advocate for a smoke-free by-law, and to provide guidance on the development and implementation of a smoke-free by-law Cancer Council has developed the Achieving Smoke-free Apartments toolkit.

The toolkit summarises the health, financial and legal benefits of smoke-free apartment complexes, the steps that can be taken to achieve smoke-free living, and examples of what to include in a smoke-free by-law. 


Download the full kit

Achieving smoke-free living: an information kit for tenants and owners in strata schemes (PDF 4.47MB)

  • This information kit explains the benefits of smoke-free apartment living. It provides resources and ideas on how to introduce smoke-free by-laws in strata schemes.  The aim of smoke-free by-laws is to create clean and healthy air in people’s shared living environment.


Download part of the kit


To obtain a hard copy of the information kit contact Cancer Council Helpline 13 11 20 Information and Support.