Comprehensive smoking policies


To develop clear policies and support addressing smoking at multiple levels in your organisation.  

Why this step is important

Your organisation’s smoking policies form the foundation of your Tackling Tobacco plan. Policies on smoking need to be well thought out, clearly articulated and widely known within your organisation. This process takes some time to complete as it is important to get feedback from everyone who will be affected. 

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    4-6 months

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    Who to involve:

    • Executives
    • Mangers
    • Policy staff
    • Operation staff including carer

Steps to implement

  • Step 1 - Draft or review current policy

    If your organisation already has a smoking policy, it is important to review the content and ensure that it is comprehensive. Service environments should be as smoke free as possible. A complete ban on smoking is preferable because it provides the best protection and is easiest to implement and enforce, but some organisations choose to set aside designated smoking areas.

    See smoking policy templates as well as policies from other organisations to assist. 

    Supporting tools for this step

    • Smoking policy template 995KB
    • Policy review form 1MB
    • Example policy #1 234KB
    • Example policy #2 209KB
    • Example policy #3 - non compliance 242KB
    • What to put in your smoking policy 326KB
  • Step 2 - Consult on changes and get feedback

    Consulting key internal stakeholders is a good strategy for assisting implementation and ensuring that it is well accepted. This step allows concerns or key issues to be addressed.

    – Allum House

  • Step 3- Plan implementation

    Once the policy has been reviewed and revised, a plan is necessary to assist in the implementation of the policy so that all staff are aware of any changes and how it impacts their roles.

    Implementation plans should have the policy objectives and implementation activities; highlight critical intermediate and final results; and identify staff responsible for implementation. 

  • Step 4- Implement and communicate action plan

    Implementing the identified actions of the plan and having clear communication across the organisation is key to creating change.

    See example communication action plan to assist.

    Supporting tools for this step

    • Communication action plan 580KB
  • Step 5- Review policy

    Reviewing a policy will help to evaluate whether the policy is achieving it’s intended purpose. This should be performed yearly.

    See policy review template to assist.

    Supporting tools for this step

    • Policy review form 1MB

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