How the program works

The Tackling Tobacco program is made up of six core elements that form an organisation-wide approach to addressing smoking. This approach promotes a shared responsibility of care and a positive culture to address smoking, and it ensures smoking care becomes part of the usual care provided by your service.

What should you consider today?

  • calendar-icon

    Allow time to plan, time for new processes and practices to become second-nature, and time to adjust to a new approach to smoking in your organisation.

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    Solid planning is important to lay the groundwork for sustainable changes. Plan who to involve, when and how to involve them and what resources you need.

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    Resourcing is vital for long term success. Carefully consider the cost of administration, staff time, extra training and ongoing provision of nicotine replacement therapies. We provide project grants to support organisations. To see if you are eligible please contact us.

Six elements to Tackling Tobacco

Learn more about the six core elements of the Tackling Tobacco Program. The order and implementation can change depending on your organisation. Cancer Council can work with you to customise your program.

  • committed-iconCommitted Leadership
  • smoking-iconComprehensive Smoking Policies
  • Layer-1Supportive Systems
  • training-icon1Training and Follow Up
  • data-iconMonitoring & Data Elements
  • supportive-icon1Consistent Quit Support

Contact the Tackling Tobacco Team

We’re here to help with any questions you have to get started or along the way.