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Generation SunSmart is an eLearning site developed for early childhood educators, primary school teachers and staff and children in years 5 and 6. Modules around skin cancer, being SunSmart and sun protection strategies can be completed at your own pace and revisited at any time. Complete all the modules to receive a Generation SunSmart certificate!


SunSmart Curriculum Resources

This range of curriculum resources provide teachers with information and classroom activities on skin cancer and sun protection. There are seven SunSmart units of work (K-6). Each unit provides interactive and practical learning about UV radiation and its impact in the Science and Technology key learning area.


Create Good Habits For Life FlyerGood habits

Create Good Habits For Life is a two page flyer you can print for parents. It outlines some easy ways to keep your children protected from the sun.


The UV Alert PosterUVAlert sample

Download the UV Alert poster to help your staff understand how to read the daily UV Alert. Record the UV levels daily at your school by printing and laminating this poster!


Have any concerns about vitamin D? Download and print our vitamin D infographic for your staff room or get some more information from this page.


The UV Alert Widget and Vitamin D Tracker

Embed the SunSmart widget onto your schools website for parents and staff to easily check the UV levels every day. The UV Alert widget can be found on this page. Search for the SunSmart app on your Smartphone to track your vitamin D intake.

SunSmart app for Android
SunSmart app for iPhone



Numeracy and Literacy Activities

Numeracy activities to download

Literacy activies to download


PowerPoint PresentationsSunSmart PowerPoint

Download SunSmart power point presentations for primary school students.

Stage 1 Primary Schools SunSmart Presentation
Stage 2-3 Primary Schools SunSmart Presentation

 SunSmart Excursion and Newsletter Inserts

Download these different inserts for school newsletters and notices  to remind parents and students to be SunSmart during all school events. Download newsletter and excursion  inserts

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