Open Letter protecting people from solariums

Clare Oliver
25/08/1981 – 13/09/2007

Every day I miss my daughter Clare, and everything about her. I treasure her memory and am so proud of her speaking out about solariums before she died in 2007. She spoke out for the sake of others, because she did not want other people to get skin cancer, including melanoma.

It was Clare’s wish that more people would choose life and choose to be fair, and she warned everyone about the dangers of solariums. She hoped that Government’s all around Australia would make sure that there were strict laws about who could use solariums and how often.

Clare used to get special deals from the solarium – a package deal that gave her a cheaper price. She used to be told that using a solarium every second day was the best way to get a tan.

I was so happy the day the Government in Victoria passed laws about solariums. Now in Victoria, people need a license if they want to run a solarium business.

We need strict laws to make sure there are no more packages, and that people don’t use solariums too often. I want to make sure that any businesses that do the wrong thing are not allowed to keep going. I urge the NSW Government to make sure that its new laws do all these things. I hope you will honour the memory of Clare.

I hope you make sure that what happened to Clare won’t happen to others. I hope that you will pass strong laws to protect people from solariums.

Priscilla Oliver signature

Priscilla Oliver,
Mother of Clare Oliver

19 January 2009