Being active

You will probably find it helpful to stay active and to exercise or move about regularly if you can. Light exercise after surgery, such as walking, can help people recover and improve their energy levels. Some women like to join a walking group or walk with friends so that exercise becomes a social event.

The amount and type of exercise you do will depend on what you are used to, how well you feel and what your doctor advises.

If you have a breast reconstruction, it will be a while before you can return to vigorous exercise and you may need to modify the exercise that you do. For example, if you have an abdominal flap reconstruction, you will need to take care and be gentle with tummy-based exercises. Talk to your doctor about the best exercise program for you.

Arm exercises after breast reconstruction

After surgery, you can slowly begin to exercise your arm on the advice of your treatment team. This will help the area feel better and recover faster.

For a guide to arm exercises you can do after breast surgery download Exercises After Breast Surgery now, or call Cancer Council 13 11 20 to check whether a printed copy is available.

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