Travelling with a breast prosthesis

You may be concerned about travelling with your breast prosthesis. It’s safe to wear or carry a prosthesis during air travel – the change in altitude and air pressure doesn’t affect the prosthesis.

International security checkpoints usually require passengers to go through full body scanners, which will detect the breast prosthesis. Airport security staff may organise another imaging scan or a pat down to confirm that the prosthesis isn’t a threat. However, you should not be asked to lift your clothing or remove the prosthesis, and the screening officer should never touch it.

How to travel with a prosthesis

  • Let the security officer know that you wear a prosthesis, if you feel comfortable. You should also carry a letter from your doctor or breast surgeon.
  • Request to be screened in a private area and by a female security officer.
  • Pack your prosthesis or mastectomy bra in your carry-on bag if you don’t want to wear it. The rules about liquids, gels and aerosols don’t apply to silicone.
  • If you think you haven’t been treated with dignity or respect, let staff know. You can also complain in writing to airport management.
  • Contact the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development if you are unhappy about the response of airport staff to a complaint in Australia. Call 1800 075 001.
  • Visit TravelSECURE for more information.

This information was last reviewed in June 2017
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