Legal, work and financial issues

Legal, work and financial issues

In this section we look at all the practical issues people affected by cancer might need to consider, including work, finances, legal issues and their rights.

Cancer and Your Finances: Learn how to cope when cancer changes your financial plans, including ways to reduce your expenses and ways to find other income. 

Cancer, Work and You: Learn what to do about work after a cancer diagnosis, whether you should tell your employer, and what sort of workplace support you can expect. 

Cancer Care and Your Rights: Learn what you can expect from your health care team, how to make decisions about cancer care, and accessing your medical records. 

Fact sheets

Click on the links below to download our fact sheets that can help you cope with the financial, legal and workplace issues that often impact people affected by cancer.


Cancer and Your Finances (PDF, 411 KB)

Superannuation and cancer (PDF, 68 KB)

Dealing with debts (PDF, 57 KB)

Help with bills (PDF, 52 KB)

Understanding funerals (PDF, 64 KB)

What happens to debts after death (PDF, 45 KB)

Your role as executor (PDF, 55 KB)


Cancer Care and Your Rights (PDF, 410 KB)

Getting your affairs in order (PDF, 75 KB)

New insurance policies (PDF, 52 KB)

Family Law (PDF, 59 KB)

Immigration and Cancer (PDF, 122 KB)


Cancer, Work and You (PDF, 492 KB)

Employment and cancer (PDF, 60 KB)

We also have 10 Workplace fact sheets to assist managers and human resource professionals to provide a supportive and fair work environment.

Learn how to get legal, financial, workplace and small business assistance

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