Podcast Topic: Managing side effects

If you're living with advanced cancer, how do you keep yourself as physically and emotionally well as you can and maximise your quality of life? Dr Judith Lacey joins Julie McCrossin to talk about how a holistic approach can help.
14 July 2019
What can you do if advanced cancer causes you to become breathless? Julie McCrossin talks with Prof Jane Phillips about ways to cope with breathlessness, from medical procedures to handheld fans and mindfulness.
23 September 2019
Why do people with advanced cancer sometimes experience episodes of confusion known as delirium? And how can carers recognise the early signs? Julie McCrossin talks with Professor Jane Phillips about steps you can take to reduce the risk of delirium.
16 September 2019
Does everyone with advanced cancer experience pain? And what can be done about it? Julie McCrossin talks with Professor Melanie Lovell about how medicines and other methods can help manage pain caused by advanced cancer.
9 September 2019
Are you finding it hard to concentrate or remember things during or after cancer treatment? Julie McCrossin chats with medical oncologist Professor Janette Vardy about her research into this "chemo brain" issue and finds out what you can do about it.
11 June 2018
Does cancer always mean pain? And if pain occurs, what can you do about it? Julie chats with pain expert Professor Paul Glare about practical strategies for managing acute or chronic pain.
3 June 2018
What can you do if cancer is disrupting your sleep? Julie McCrossin chats with psychiatrist Dr Catherine Mason about why cancer affects sleep and how to get the sleep you need.
28 May 2018
What can you do if you feel overwhelmed by your fears? Julie McCrossin chats to psychologist Cath Adams about how you can manage fear and anxiety after a cancer diagnosis.
21 May 2018
How do you keep eating when you are feeling sick? Julie McCrossin chats to dietitian Merran Findlay about ways to ensure your body is well nourished throughout cancer treatment.
18 July 2017
Why can cancer make you so tired and what can you do about it? Host Julie McCrossin chats with Dr Haryana Dhillon about ways to manage cancer fatigue.
4 July 2017