Podcast Topic: Diagnosis and treatment

What exactly is advanced cancer? And what does a diagnosis mean for you and your family? Julie McCrossin talks with medical oncologist Dr Craig Gedye about how to cope with the challenges of living with advanced cancer.
10 August 2019
What hope do new cancer treatments offer? And how do you decide when it's time to stop treating the cancer and focus on quality of life? Julie McCrossin talks with medical oncologist and cancer researcher Dr Craig Gedye about choosing the best treatments for advanced cancer.
20 July 2019
What coping strategies can you turn to when faced with the life-changing news of a cancer diagnosis? Julie McCrossin chats with psychologist Cath Adams about life after a cancer diagnosis, and how to ride the emotional roller-coaster that often follows.
30 July 2017
How do you decide on the best cancer treatment pathway for you? Julie McCrossin chats to Lyndal Trevena, a practising GP and Professor of Primary Health Care at Sydney University.
14 July 2017
Why does cancer involve so many tests? Julie McCrossin chats with medical oncologist Dr Lorraine Chantrill about all the different tests you might need − from blood tests and biopsies to CT, MRI and PET scans.
18 June 2018
Why is cancer called a genetic disease and what does that mean for you? Julie McCrossin chats to genetic oncologist Dr Hilda High about what genetic tests can tell us about cancer.
26 July 2017
What are immunotherapy and targeted therapy? How are they transforming cancer treatment? Julie McCrossin chats to medical oncologist Steven Kao about these exciting new treatments.
21 July 2017