Managing Fear

21 May 2018

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Expert interviewed:
Cath Adams, clinical psychologist and psycho-oncologist

Cath Adams and Julie McCrossinThe thing about cancer is that it can make you feel so afraid, not just when you are first diagnosed, but right through treatment and even once you’ve been given the all clear.

What do we know about fear and cancer? What can you do if you wake up in the middle of the night feeling overwhelmed by your fears? And how do you keep functioning when you have good reason to be anxious?

In this episode, psychologist Cath Adams returns to The Thing About Cancer to tackle these questions, and much more. She chats with Julie about why cancer-related fear often differs from other kinds of fear, and how you can manage this fear.

− Cath Adams, clinical psychologist and psycho-oncologist

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Taking back control

After a cancer diagnosis, people often feel engulfed by new information and might feel like things are spinning out of control.

During this episode, we look at ways to regain that control. Cath explains that a good way to share the burden is to talk openly with the people around you, including your friends and family and your health care team.

Triggers and tips

Cath describes how different stages of diagnosis and treatment can trigger fear, and offers tips to help you get through them.

We also look at what happens after treatment, once you leave the controlled environment of the hospital or treatment centre. How can you manage anxiety before follow-up tests? Do people ever stop worrying about the cancer coming back?

And what if you start to feel panicked? Cath outlines breathing activities and other useful strategies that can have a calming effect during these stressful moments. We also hear from Matt, who worked out his ways to deal with fear.

− Matt, diagnosed with prostate cancer

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