Podcast Topic: Carers, family and friends

If you know you have only months or weeks to live, how do you make the most of whatever time is left? Julie McCrossin talks with palliative care specialist Dr Megan Best about facing end of life and answering the big questions.
20 August 2019
How can you make sense of your life after a diagnosis of advanced cancer? Where do you find hope and a sense of purpose? Julie McCrossin talks with palliative care specialist Dr Megan Best about sources of strength when things are really tough.
12 August 2019
What's involved in caring for someone with advanced cancer? And where can you turn for support? Julie McCrossin talks with clinical psychologist Dr Toni Lindsay about the challenges and rewards of caring for someone with advanced cancer.
29 July 2019
How does cancer change family relationships? Can you avoid conflict and misunderstandings? Julie McCrossin chats with social worker Ray Araullo and psychologist Cath Adams about how to manage the impact of cancer as a family.
25 June 2018
How can you look after your own needs if you are caring for someone with cancer? Julie McCrossin chats to health psychologist Ben Britton about the carer's role.
31 July 2017
Why is cancer called a genetic disease and what does that mean for you? Julie McCrossin chats to genetic oncologist Dr Hilda High about what genetic tests can tell us about cancer.
26 July 2017
How do you tell your children you have cancer? Julie McCrossin chats to CanTeen’s John Friedsam about ways to talk about your cancer diagnosis with your kids.
4 July 2017
What can you say or do to help someone with cancer? Host Julie McCrossin chats to social worker Kim Hobbs about ways to offer meaningful support.
4 July 2017
Will your sex life change after cancer? Julie McCrossin talks with Professor Jane Ussher about the impact of cancer on sex and intimacy, and why it’s so important to have open and honest conversations with your doctor and partner.
4 July 2017