Getting help and support

Support is available from a wide range of organisations and health professionals. Get in touch with Cancer Council 13 11 20 and other relevant organisations, or talk to your general practitioner (GP), oncology doctors, nurses, social workers and other health carers.

Useful organisations

Australian Human Rights Commission 1300 656 419 Receives complaints about discrimination and bullying in the workplace, and promotes fairness. 
Cancer and Careers US website providing info for employed people with cancer.
Cancer Council Legal, Financial, Small Business and Workplace Referral Services 13 11 20 Supports people affected by cancer needing advice about financial, legal, small business or workplace issues; available in most states and territories. Free for eligible clients.

Cancer Council Online Community

This online community for people affected by cancer is a safe place to connect with others about treatment, specific cancer types, carers’ issues, survivorship, and grief and loss.
Carer Gateway 1800 422 737 A national service providing practical information and resources for carers, and links with local support services.
Carers Australia 1800 242 636 National body representing Australia’s carers. Provides information, advice, support and short-term counselling.
Centrelink 132 717 Offers financial support for people with a long-term illness and for primary carers.
Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre
1800 052 222
Offers community care services to carers.
Department of Human Services Provides financial support and assistance to help people with cancer find and keep a job.
Fair Work Commission
1300 799 675 
The national workplace tribunal. Can also hear workplace bullying claims.
Fair Work Ombudsman
13 13 94
Info on pay, National Employment Standards, leave, termination/dismissal and complaints.
JobAccess 1800 464 800  Provides information to support the employment of people with cancer.
Office of the Australian
Information Commissioner
1300 363 992 
National body investigating privacy infringements and handling privacy complaints.

Work After Cancer

 Information about working during cancer treatment and returning to work after treatment.
Working Carers Gateway A website to help people juggling work and caring responsibilities.

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