Fatigue and tiredness

Cancer treatment and associated stress can cause you to feel tired and weary. Factors such as job stress, shiftwork or standing for long periods may make you feel worse. Many people find that they cannot do as much as they normally would, but others are able to continue their usual activities.

Tips for managing fatigue

  • Talk to your employer about adjusting your working hours so you can arrive late if you have trouble getting started in the morning or leave early if you feel tired in the afternoon.
  • Schedule meetings for the times you tend to have more energy.
  • Discuss your priorities with your employer to ensure you save your energy for the most important tasks.
  • Ask permission to take breaks when you need to. Bring a pillow to work and find a quiet place where you can rest. If this isn’t possible, get some fresh air or take a short walk.
  • Work from home if you can and rest when you need to.
  • Ask your employer if they can provide a parking space. Find out if you are eligible for a disability parking permit.
  • Organise your workspace so things are in easy reach.
  • If you don’t have the energy for physical tasks (e.g. lifting, driving), ask colleagues for help.
  • Bring your lunch or ask a workmate to pick food up for you so you don’t have to go out.
  • Try to save your energy for work, e.g. ask for more help around the house or get your groceries delivered.
  • Eat well and take care of your body. Regular exercise can help improve your mood or make you feel more energetic.

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