Will I be able to work?

You will need to weigh up your ability to handle both your caring commitments and your responsibilities at work. Here is a list of things to consider that may help with your decision-making.

Caring can impact on your job in various ways. It may affect your working hours, what you can achieve at work, how much time off you need, your concentration, and your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Factors to consider

Your decision will probably depend on:

  • how sick the person with cancer is
  • what your caring and work duties involve
  • the amount of help or respite care available
  • how supportive your employer is
  • your finances and whether you need to earn an income
  • your leave entitlements
  • whether you can arrange a reduction or change in working hours or move to a different position within your organisation
  • the satisfaction you get from working
  • whether a break will have a large impact on your career progression or future employability
  • what will give you peace of mind
  • whether the arrangement is likely to be temporary or long-term.

Before making changes to your working arrangements, talk over your thoughts with your employer, family and friends.

You can also ask the Carers Association in your state or territory for support and counselling. Visit carersaustralia.com.au or call the Carer Advisory Service on 1800 242 636.

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