Who we are.

How you’ve made a difference in 2020/21

“You can be jumping from feeling quite emotional with somebody to then putting on the happy face — ‘hi, how are you?’ — and I love it and I love that it makes a difference. ”
– Susanne Rowlands, Cancer Council NSW Store Manager

We’ve adapted new ways of working in response to the pandemic, increasing flexibility, focusing on staff wellbeing and embracing technology. Despite the challenges we’ve faced, our staff and volunteers are more engaged than ever with Cancer Council being awarded the Voice Project’s prestigious ‘Best Workplaces for 2021’ Award.

Workforce composition

Across 2020/2021, our workforce averaged 80.7% volunteers and 19.3% employees (not including casuals).

total registered volunteers
across the financial year
Volunteers1,539 Employees367

Who we are by gender

  • Female
  • Male
Our Board60%F 40%M
Executive62%F 37%M
Employees81%F 19%M
Volunteers67%F 33%M

Our people

Following another challenging year, we have continued to respond to the impacts of COVID-19 on our people and the work we do in the community, maintaining our commitment to be an Inspirational Place to Volunteer and Work. We’ve made significant achievements in key priority areas including our Diversity & Inclusion strategy, environmental sustainability initiatives, and employee engagement and satisfaction scores.

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This year, we continued to grow and strengthen our valued partnerships with our corporate partners, trusts and foundations, beneficiary partners and major donors who are committed to our vision of a cancer free future.

Thank you to our partners