Increasing cancer survival.

How you’ve made a difference in 2020/21

Thank you

Thanks to your ongoing support, we’re making huge strides towards a cancer free future through our cancer research.

This year saw us partner with the University of Sydney to launch the Daffodil Centre, a world-leading research centre on cancer control and policy. This is a milestone in Australian cancer research. The increased research capacity will mean new findings and discoveries will be more quickly and efficiently translated into tangible policy change, such as better prevention, early detection and care strategies – ultimately saving many more lives across NSW, Australia and globally.

Because of you, in 2020/21:

$mwas invested in cancer research

researchers participated in Cancer Council supported projects


projects were funded


institutions were engaged in research projects

The Daffodil Centre

In March 2021, Cancer Council NSW announced an exciting joint venture with the University of Sydney: The Daffodil Centre, combining the strengths of the two institutions to build a world-leading research centre on cancer control and policy.

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COVID-19 and the impact on cancer outcomes in Australia

The COVID-19 pandemic has created widespread challenges for the broader health system, including disruptions to vital screening services, delays in treatment and increased burdens for patients and carers.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have urgently enhanced our research to help address the acute challenges health systems face in the ‘secondary’ impact of the crisis on cancer.

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Where our research funding goes

  • All cancers$3,601,051
  • Breast$2,574,539
  • Cervical$2,424,824
  • Colorectal$1,056,197
  • Lung$963,271 
  • Pancreatic$1,037,478
  • Prostate$1,318,137 

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I think the impact would have been so different if it happened to me as an adult – I would have had more resources to deal with it, it wouldn’t have been the only thing I’d ever known.

– Dave Cassar, childhood cancer survivor

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What’s next: Protecting the capacity of our health system against rising cancer diagnoses

To ensure the health system and budget have the capacity to meet the rising demand for cancer treatment and care, decision-makers need an accurate picture of how many cancer patients there are likely to be in the years ahead. Researchers at the Daffodil Centre are undertaking a major 5-year project that will predict the number of patients over the next five years with bowel, breast and lung cancer, multiple myeloma, melanoma and cancers related to certain genetic biomarkers.

Thank you to the people who make our research possible including: The Belalberi Foundation, Bennett Family Foundation, Box Rallies, Libby Boyce and Campbell Fisher, Can Too Foundation, Angela Cho, Max Denton, Fussell Family Foundation, Julie Hannaford, Herbert St Foundation, Patricia Ho, Peter Langham, Michael and Maryrose Morgan, Minderoo Foundation, Mitchell Family, Damien and Josephine O’Brien, Phillips Family Foundation, Ross Family, Max Schroder, Jim and Fran Sweeney, White Family Trust.

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