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Improve your long game resources

Thank you for being part of the Improve your long game program and part of Cancer Council NSW’s vision for a cancer-free future.

On this page you can access exclusive resources that will assist you in promoting the program in your golf club between now July 2019 and June 2020:


Printable materials

PDF versions of our materials are available for you to print below.

If you requested these upon registration they will have been sent directly to your club.

Should you require any more printed materials sent directly to your club please do not hesitate to email us:


Materials for key staff running the program:


Program guide

4-page guide for key staff outlining how to run the program in your club.

Download (PDF 840KB)


Materials for the Clubhouse:


A4 Hit the fairway protected poster

Outlines men’s skin cancer risk and how to protect their skin.

Download (PDF 74KB)


A3 Sun protection tips poster

Practical sun protection tips for men playing golf

Download (PDF 85KB)


Materials for the Pro Shop:


The Golf Pro’s guide to sun protection

4-page guide for Golf Pros and staff about why sun protection is so important, and how you can be a role model at your club.

Download (PDF 427KB)


A4 SunSmart App poster

Encourages golfers to download the SunSmart App and know the daily times sun protection is required on the course.

Download (PDF 118KB)

A5 Sun protection tips posters

Selection of small posters with practical sun protection tips.

Download (PDF 138KB)


Promotional Videos

Download these videos to help promote the program and raise the awareness of sun protection in your clubs. These can be played on TVs that may be located in the club, or promoted via social media platforms you may have such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Website Videos

What is Improve your long game & why get on board (feat. Hay and Stonecutters Ridge Golf Clubs) 

Length: 1 min and 38 secs

Download video:

Why sun protection is so important when on the golf course (feat. Paul Gow)

Length: 1 min and 48 secs

Download video:

How to use sunscreen correctly

Length: 1 min and 13 secs

Download video:

Social Media Videos

Why Improve your long game is so easy to important

Length: 20 secs

Download this video:

Why sun protection is so important when on the golf course

Length: 20 secs

Download this video:

Why you should get on board with Improve your long game

Length: 29 secs

Download this video:

Why you need to be sun safe (feat. Paul Gow)

Length: 1 min and 48 secs

Download this video:


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