Melanoma and golf – Improve your long game

– John Buchanan is a Club Captain at Pennant Hills Golf Club and an advocate for Cancer Council NSW’s Improve your long game program.

Improve your long game

Improve Your Long GameImprove your long game is a program funded by Cancer Council NSW and Cancer Institute NSW encouraging golfers of all ages to use sun protection and reduce their risk of melanoma every time they play. Why? Golfers experience high levels of sun exposure:

  • Long periods spent outside in peak UV times (11am – 3pm)
  • Limited shaded areas on golf courses
  • Many surfaces (grass, sand and water) which reflect UV
  • Less emphasis on sun protection, compared to cricketers with their zinc, wrap-around sunnies and broad-brim hats.

Hit your mates with the surprising truths about melanoma

Like John, you can reduce your risk of melanoma at any age! Hit your mate with one of these facts and tips every time you visit your local club and you’ll both be on your way to improving your long game.

Did you know?

Melanoma can occur anywhere on the body. In men, it is more common on the trunk, while women get more melanomas on their legs. Keep your skin out of bounds from the sun:

Slip on a long sleeved shirt and pants or wear protective sun sleeves.


Did you know?

Men over 40 years old are 1.5 times more likely as women to be diagnosed with melanoma and twice as likely to die from it. Many golfers think that it’s too late to make a difference, but protecting your skin at any age does reduce your skin cancer risk:

Slop on a golf ball-sized amount of SPF30+ dry touch/active sunscreen, which protects without creating a greasy grip, to ALL exposed skin 20 minutes before exposure. Reapply every two hours during play, around the time when you reach the 9th hole.


Did you know?

UV radiation causes 95% of melanomas & 99% of all skin cancers. Be on par with your sun protection when UV levels are 3 and above:

Slap on a broad-brimmed hat designed for golf which stays on and protects your ears, neck and face.


Did you know?

UV radiation can damage unprotected skin even on cloudy and cold days. Keep your skin pitch perfect:

Seek shady spots around the golf course while waiting to tee-off. Bring your golf umbrella or a hands-free umbrella that attaches to your golf bag.


Did you know?

The sun’s UV can reach you by being reflected off smooth, shiny and light coloured surfaces including grass, sand and water which are common on golf courses. Protect your eyes like you would your lie on the green: 

Slide on wraparound sunglasses that comply with the Australian standard 2 or above for maximum protection and add polarisation to cut down on course glare.

Find out more

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Contact us via email or on 13 11 20 for more information about Improve your long game or to volunteer your club for the program in 2018.