Improve your long game

What’s it all about?

Improve your long game is a free sun protection program set in NSW golf clubs. It aims to improve the sun protection behaviours among recreational golfers and specifically targets men over the age of 40.

Now in its 6th year, we know the program works and is making an impact. You can find out more about our successes here (PDF, 132 KB).

The program supports golf clubs to protect golfers from the harmful effects of UV radiation that in most parts of NSW, reaches levels that can damage unprotected skin most days of the year.


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Why men?

In NSW men over the age of 40 are 1.5 times more likely to be diagnosed and 2.5 times more likely to die of melanoma than women of a similar age.

Evidence has shown men generally have poorer sun protection behaviours than women, in particular, while out playing golf.

It is easy to see why golfers are at risk of developing skin cancer when you consider:

  • Long periods spent outside in peak UV times. 
  • Limited shaded areas on golf courses.
  • Many surfaces (grass, sand and water) which reflect ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
  • Less emphasis on sun protection, compared to cricketers with their zinc, wrap-around sunnies and broad-brim hats.

Hear from Paul Gow, our program ambassador about why UV protection is so important when on the golf course.

– Paul Gow, Pro Golfer and Cancer Council NSW Ambassador.

What will my club receive?

As a participating golf club, Cancer Council NSW will provide you with the resources to support you in delivering the program including:

  • 2 metal sunscreen dispenser stands and sunscreen for the 1st and 10th tee of the golf course
  • A range of printed posters and leaflets in various sizes to display around the clubhouse and Pro Shop (see below)
  • Information to share with your club members
  • Regular communications throughout the year from Cancer Council NSW


See a selection of some of our printed posters:

A4 SunSmart App poster

Encourages golfers to download the SunSmart App, and know the daily time’s sun protection is required on the course.

Download (PDF 118KB)

A4 Hit the fairway protected poster

Outlines men’s skin cancer risk and how to protect their skin.

Download (PDF 74KB)

A5 Sun protection tips posters

Selection of small posters with practical sun protection tips.

Download (PDF 138KB)

You can find more printed materials here

If you’re looking for Improve your long game resources for your club, click here.


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