Do you need to use sun protection in winter?

26 May 2016 | Cancer Council NSW

Often people don’t think about sun protection in winter, but in many parts of Australia UV levels are 3 or above right through the winter months. If you ski you are at greater risk – UV levels are higher in alpine regions than at sea level and snow is highly reflective.

Even mild sunburn can increase your risk of developing melanoma and the more often you are burnt and the more severe the sunburn is, the higher your risk will be. Though sunburn eventually fades, long term damage to skin cells remains. Sunscreen can help protect your skin and it is important to use it correctly for maximum protection.

Here are the facts you need to know about sunscreen – what Sun Protection Factors (SPF) mean, how to use sunscreen, how often you should reapply it and how much sunscreen you should use.



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