NSW Healthy Food Basket Study 2007

Cancer Council NSW conducted a study on the costs, availability and quality of healthy foods across 150 locations in NSW. This was the largest Australian study to assess these factors, and the first study to look at the whole of NSW.

Cancer Council undertook this work because of our interest in promoting good nutrition to reduce cancer risk. Many people report that the cost and availability of healthy foods are barriers to them having a healthy diet. This survey helped us to better understand some of the barriers to healthy eating and aspects of the environment that may promote obesity. The study found there was extensive variability in the cost of a healthy food basket both within and between geographic and demographic areas in NSW.

People in lower socio-economic groups and those living in more remote areas had fewer fruit and vegetable varieties available. The reduced availability of fruit and vegetables for these population groups may have impacted on their preferences for, and consumption of, this important food group. To prevent the impact of price variability, we have recommended that government price surveillance mechanisms be introduced, to ensure all families can afford to purchase and consume a healthy food basket.

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Key findings and recommendations
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