Start creating your will today

We want to ensure more Australians have a will and that more Australians consider leaving a gift in their will to a charity. Making a will ensures peace of mind for you and your loved ones. A little bit of preparation can save you time and money.

We offer the following options to help you in preparing your will.


Write your will online with Safewill

Safewill is Australia’s leading online will-writing platform. Safewill helps the estimated 70% of Australians without a will to easily and affordably write or update a legally binding will. With Safewill you can look after the people and causes closest to your heart, with just a few clicks.

As part of their support of Cancer Council NSW, Safewill would like to offer all Cancer Council supporters a discount of 20% to help them protect their loved ones. With this discount you can prepare your Will today for just $150.

After you’ve taken care of your loved ones, you may also wish to leave a gift to Cancer Council NSW. A gift of as little as 1% of your estate can make a serious difference for cancer free future.

Complete your bespoke will in less than 20 minutes.

“It costs you nothing in your lifetime to include a hope for a cancer free future in your will.” – Marj Pettigrew

Download a free will planning kit

We have a free will planning kit that can be completed in under 30 minutes. It provides:

  • practical advice for making a will
  • immediate download
  • information for solicitors checklist.

Many of our supporters choose to leave a gift in their will to Cancer Council NSW because they want to invest in a future that is free from cancer.

Get financial and legal assistance

A cancer diagnosis can be an extremely stressful and emotional time for patients, their carers and families, and financial or legal issues can carry additional, unnecessary stress. If you are a person affected by cancer and require any financial or legal assistance, including end of life legal documents, please see our Support Information.