Type: Skin cancer

Dr Tiffen hopes their research will deepen our understanding of the epigenetics of melanoma, as well as identifying potential new treatment approaches to improve outcomes for patients with advanced melanoma.

Researchers will explore the role and function of a different group of immune cells called innate lymphoid cells in treating melanoma.

Dr Wilmott and his team are focused on finding treatments for the more than 40% of patients that are not cured with our best current therapies.

The project has strong potential to achieve major benefits for patient care, because it brings the concept of personalised medicine much closer to reality.

This project aims to find out how certain immune cells could be controlled and how they might be used to predict who will respond to immunotherapy.

Dr Jessamy Tiffen

The aim of this project is to discover which melanoma patients will benefit the most from the use of BET inhibitor drug treatment.

This project is focused on overcoming the problem of relapse of melanoma in patients being treated by immunotherapy with checkpoint inhibitors.

Researchers at Cancer Council NSW found that compared to the general population, men who survived melanoma have a higher risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer later in life.

Professor Xu Dong Zhang

Professor Xu Dong Zhang and his team investigated the role a particular protein plays in melanoma cell survival.

This project will investigate how to hijack the stress-response techniques melanoma cells have developed to promote their survival.