Further support for people with pleural mesothelioma

Pleural mesothelioma can affect every area of your life. Support is available to help you with practical and financial issues, as well as the emotional aspects of the experience.

You may be caring for someone with mesothelioma. Being a carer can be stressful and cause you much anxiety. Try to look after yourself – give yourself some time out and share your worries and concerns with somebody neutral, such as a counsellor or your doctor. For more on this, see Caring for someone with cancer.

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Practical and financial help

There are many services that can help deal with practical or financial problems caused by mesothelioma.

Benefits, pensions and programs can help pay for prescription medicines, transport costs or utility bills. Home care services, aids and appliances can also be arranged to help make life easier. Ask the hospital social worker which services are available in your local area and if you are eligible to receive them.

If you need legal or financial advice, it is important to talk to a qualified professional about your situation. Cancer Council offers free legal and financial services in some states and territories for people who can’t afford to pay – call 13 11 20 to ask if you are eligible. For more on this, see Cancer and your finances, or download a booklet from this page.

For information and advice on applying for compensation, it is best to contact a specialist lawyer who has extensive experience with asbestos claims. See Finding a Lawyer for suggestions on finding a specialist asbestos litigation lawyer. You may also want to read Making a Claim to better understand the compensation process.

Talk to someone who’s been there

You and your carers may find it helpful to make contact with other people who have had similar experiences. You may feel supported and relieved to know that others understand what you are going through and that you are not alone.

People with mesothelioma may be able to join a telephone support group facilitated by a trained counsellor or be put in touch with someone else who has mesothelioma. There are also support groups specifically for carers. Talk to your nurse, social worker or Cancer Council 13 11 20 about what is available in your area, or contact one of the mesothelioma support organisations listed on the next page.

Another option available at any time is to visit an online forum such as the Cancer Council Online Community.

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