Podcasts: a new way to get information about cancer

13 August 2019 | Cancer Council NSW

Check out our new podcast series, The Thing About Advanced Cancer, here.

Podcasts are an increasingly popular medium around the world. At first glance, they might seem like a step back in an age when video content is so prevalent, but the audio storytelling format has many advantages.

Podcasts are a great format to fit into our increasingly busy lives. You can find informative and engaging podcasts on a wide variety of topics. People who don’t have the time or energy to sit down and read a lengthy book on a particular topic may find that they can spend 15 minutes each day digesting the same information in bite-sized audio chunks, on the way to work, while walking the dog or while preparing a meal.

Podcasts also have many advantages for people looking for information about cancer.

A cancer diagnosis holds many challenges for patients and their carers – emotional, practical and physical. And even though many people affected by a cancer diagnosis want as much information as possible, the demands of treatment can mean there is not much time or energy left for finding trustworthy information, let alone reading or reflecting on it. Fatigue, cancer-related brain fog, a lack of time, and just feeling unwell can make reading difficult.

By contrast, listening to a podcast takes little effort. A well-produced podcast can transform complex information into an easy to understand, engaging discussion, that you can listen to. on your smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime that suits you – driving to an appointment, doing the dishes or lying in bed.

Over the last few years, Cancer Council NSW has created 16 episodes of The Thing About Cancer podcast to meet the need for easily accessible, trustworthy information about cancer. Recently, we have launched a new series, The Thing About Advanced Cancer, exploring some of the many issues surrounding a diagnosis of advanced cancer.

Hosted by cancer survivor and broadcaster, Julie McCrossin, each episode features interviews with both cancer experts and people with their own experience of advanced cancer. The series explores the practical and existential challenges that people may face, and includes discussion of what advanced cancer means, the latest treatment options, how to live well with advanced cancer, managing symptoms such as pain and breathlessness, and the rewards and challenges of caring for someone with advanced cancer.

The Thing About Advanced Cancer podcast series is available on the Cancer Council NSW website here, as well as via Apple Podcasts and other podcasting apps. Cancer Council’s other podcast series, known as The Thing About Cancer, is also available.

Not sure how to download a podcast? Watch our step by step video.