Brain cancer mobile phone panic should be put on hold

Australians should not unnecessarily panic about mobile phones causing brain cancer according to Cancer Council NSW CEO Dr Andrew Penman.    Dr Penman said that numerous studies around the world have failed to prove that mobile phones are a cause of brain cancer.    “Mobile phones have been widely used in Australia for nearly 20 years now.   Contrary to concerns about mobile phones, we have seen absolutely no associated increase in brain cancer cases in Australia or overseas,” Dr Penman said.        “Users should therefore not unduly worry that their device will give them brain cancer.  “More research is desperately needed to find out what actually does cause brain cancer and how treatments can be improved.    “Currently, brain cancer is the number one cancer killer of children and has a survival rate of just 5 per cent in its most aggressive form.   Yet, it’s the most under-studied cancer with little research funding.”  Cancer Council NSW has funded more than $4.8 million worth of research grants in brain cancer during 2011 and more than $8.6 million in the last five years.    Dr Penman’s call for research funding comes during Brain Cancer Action Week which runs from 6-12 May.  -Ends-  Media contact: Luke Alexander (02) 9334 1878 / 0406 483 671