Finding a professional massage therapist

To find a qualified massage therapist, contact one of the professional massage organisations listed below and ask for a list of therapists in your area.

If you need treatment for lymphoedema symptoms see a therapist trained in lymphatic drainage. Visit the Lymphoedema Practitioners’ Register website at to find a qualified therapist.


Contact details

Association of Massage Therapists

02 9211 2441

Australian Association of Massage Therapists

1300 138 872

Australian Natural Therapists Association

1800 817 577

Australian Traditional Medicine Society

1800 456 855

Bowen Association of Australia

1300 780 638

Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia

1300 426 936

Oncology Massage Training


Reflexology Association of Australia

1300 733 711

Question checklist

You might find this checklist helpful when thinking about the questions you want to ask your doctor about massage. If your doctor gives you answers you don’t understand, it is okay to ask for clarification.

  • Are there any types of massage or touch-based therapies that would benefit me?’Are there any types of massage or touch-based therapies I shouldn’t have?
  • Can you provide me with a letter giving your approval for me to have massage?’
  • Are there any areas on my body where the massage therapist needs to take special care?
  • Can the treatment/tumour area be touched or should it be avoided altogether?
  • Can you recommend a therapist in my area?
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