Information about bequests for solicitors and executors

Find information about creating wills and administering estates, for clients who wish to leave a bequest to Cancer Council NSW. Including:

  • Correct wording for wills
  • How to notify Cancer Council NSW
  • How you can support charitable bequests
  • Downloadable resources for solicitors and executors.


Creating a will that includes a bequest 

Discussion with your client:

  1. If a client wants the donation to be specific to an area or type of cancer we would be happy to accommodate their wishes. If you need to discuss a specific request, please contact us. The needs of research and support will change over time and the need now may not be the same need in 10-15 years’ time. However, your client’s wishes are first and foremost.
  2. If your client would like to establish a legacy in recognition or memory of a loved one, we would encourage you to contact us to discuss the opportunity of titled research awards or scholarships.
  3. Please ensure the correct wording is used and include our full name:
    The Cancer Council NSW ABN 51 116 463 846.

Suggested wording for wills:

‘I (insert name here) bequeath to The Cancer Council NSW ABN 51 116 463 846 for its general purposes (or name a specific purpose, such as research, patient and support care services, cancer prevention programs)
[Choose and insert the appropriate statement from the list below]

  1. the whole of my estate
  2. (insert number) percentage of my estate
  3. the residue of my estate
  4. the amount of $ (insert the value of your gift in cash)
  5. my (insert name of asset)
    free of all duties, and the receipt of the Secretary or other authorised officer for
    the time being shall be a complete and sufficient discharge for the Executor(s).’

Words in italics to be adjusted in accordance with testator’s wishes. 


Administration of an estate

When it is time to administer an estate in which a gift has been left to Cancer Council NSW, we would appreciate your assistance in the following ways:

  1. Notify us – Please notify us of the gift in the will. We ask that you also provide us with a copy of the will or probate for the estate as this allows us to match the testator to our donor records and also identifies any restrictions attached to the use of the bequest.
  2. Tell us about your client – We like to have an opportunity to thank the remaining family and friends in honour of the testator’s memory. 

These actions allow us to respect your client’s final wishes, honour their memory and maximise the impact of their donation.


Supporting charitable bequests

Cancer Council NSW understands that support from professional groups is very important to the work we do. You can support us in the following ways:

  • Request copies of our bequest booklet and have information on hand for your future clients regarding the opportunity to leave a charitable donation in their will.
  • Join our professional network that offers assistance via our pro bono scheme. Please contact the bequest team for more information.


Resources for solicitors and executors


Contact us

For any enquiries regarding the administration of an estate, or if you wish to send a cheque for a bequest to us, please get in touch:

Mail: Therese Burke (General Counsel)
PO Box 572, Kings Cross NSW 2011

Phone: (02) 9334 1479