Type: Lung cancer

Associate Professor Thomas Cox and his team have identified a molecule in the lung tissue matrix called ‘Collagen IV’, which helps to control the behaviour of lung cancer cells.

Research shows 100,000 lung cancer deaths could be avoided this century if smoking rates are reduced to 10% by 2025.

This project will focus on developing adaptive radiotherapy for locally advanced lung, prostate and oligometastatic cancer.

This is one of the first studies in Australia and the world looking at the role of gut bacteria in lung cancer development and progression.

Christina Watts

A world-first study has revealed that tobacco companies use Twitter to positively shape their public image.

Research at Cancer Council NSW has shown that Australia’s lung cancer mortality rates are in decline.

The project has strong potential to achieve major benefits for patient care, because it brings the concept of personalised medicine much closer to reality.

Professor Dianne O'Connell

A study by Cancer Council NSW has revealed that over 1 in 3 lung cancer patients seek emergency care around the time of diagnosis.

Professor David Watkins and his team have discovered a previously unknown reason for treatment resistance in lung cancer.