Type: Breast cancer

A/Professor Croucher and his team are investigating new treatment options for triple-negative breast cancers that have spread.

A/Professor Wang and her team will develop a test to monitor treatment response and watch for the early signs of treatment failure.

Dr Blancafort and her team will develop a test to detect a gene prolific in aggressive forms of breast cancer and identify new treatment targets.

Dr Michelle McDonald and her team are in a unique position to examine how some drugs help to keep cancer cells in bone at bay.

This project will narrow in on a specific gene regulation process known to play a role in the cancer development.

This project will investigate how these vital pain suppressing neurons control pain in advanced breast and prostate cancer.

Immunotherapy is yet to make a substantial impact on treatment for advanced breast cancer, A/Professor Swarbrick wants to understand why. 

This project will improve understanding of what causes treatment resistance in ER+ breast cancer and identify new ways to overcome it.

This project has worked to improve treatments and reduce the major challenge of some breast cancer patients’ resistance to endocrine therapy and relapse.