Type: Bowel or colorectal cancer

A/Prof Griffin will conduct pre-clinical tests of a much needed new combination treatment for patients with advanced pancreatic and bowel cancers.

A/Prof Buchanan and his team will determine how the gut bacteria causes bowel cancer in younger adults by looking at samples.

Researchers will look into a new molecule called ERAG, which is often present in high levels in bowel cancer cells.

Professor Xu Dong Zhang

This project could significantly improve outcomes for patients with late-stage bowel cancer.

Prof Molloy wants to understand why and how polyps become cancerous to reduce the incidence of bowel cancer in Australia.

Cancer Council NSW researchers have investigated if testing bowel cancer cases is a cost-effective way of revealing undiagnosed Australians with Lynch syndrome.

Professor Baker and his team aim to develop a new blood-based test to detect bowel cancer in its early stages.

Professor Maija Kohonen-Corish and her team have been developing crucial evidence on MCC protein alteration with the aim of creating new treatment targets and biomarkers for bowel cancer.

Researchers have found the incidence of bowel cancer has increased in Australians under the age of 50 but screening people 50-74 is still the best approach.

Prof Karen Canfell

This research has revealed a significant increase in rates of anal cancer in high-income countries, including Australia, since the late 1980s.