Type: All cancers

Dr Klaartje Somers from Children’s Cancer Institute and Dr Deborah Meyran from Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, along with their teams, are investigating ways to overcome the challenges of treating solid tumours with CAR T-cell immunotherapy

Researchers in lab

A/Prof Swarbrick and his team will study multiple solid cancers that have a range of responses to immunotherapy. The team will identify which types of stromal cells block immune responses to cancer and how they do this.

Prof Price is investigating how new imaging technology could be used to enhance radiotherapy effectiveness in solid cancers. 

Researchers will test a more targeted treatment approach in greatly improving outcomes for individual children with advanced neuroblastoma.

Dr Jeremy Booth and his team will use tracking technology during radiation treatment for prostate, liver and pancreas cancer patients.

Researchers will develop a new website that assesses symptoms of cancer survivors and recommends care based on how severe the symptoms are

Associate Professor Hilda Pickett

A/Prof Pickett has developed a potential new drug that targets the process cancers use to grow and survive.

Research has revealed that most food ads kids see on public transport are for junk food, despite growing rates of childhood obesity.