Topic: Immunotherapy

Dr Klaartje Somers from Children’s Cancer Institute and Dr Deborah Meyran from Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, along with their teams, are investigating ways to overcome the challenges of treating solid tumours with CAR T-cell immunotherapy

A/Prof Swarbrick and his team will study multiple solid cancers that have a range of responses to immunotherapy. The team will identify which types of stromal cells block immune responses to cancer and how they do this.

This project aims to improve treatment by monitoring an individual’s response to immunotherapy. 

Immunotherapy is yet to make a substantial impact on treatment for advanced breast cancer, A/Professor Swarbrick wants to understand why. 

Professor David Gottlieb

This project will develop methods for upscaling CAR T-cell production in NSW – accelerating the introduction of this cutting-edge therapy and making treatment more affordable.

Professor John Rasko

If this treatment is shown to be effective, it will provide much-needed hope for patients who receive the devastating diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.