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Ryan and Rebecca Hurst

Ryan Hurst is taking on The March Charge in his late wife’s memory to raise funds for cancer research.

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Jill’s first sign of illness In July 2017, Jill Golland was shocked when one day she tried to start writing a grocery list and suddenly her hand could not form the letters and her speech became slurred. After going to the hospital, she found out she had had a small transient ischaemic attack (TIA). “They […]

The March Charge ambassador – Heather Lee Last year saw 13,162 people register for The March Charge and collectively raise $1.9 million. If you were one of our Chargers – thank you! This personal fitness challenge asks participants to pledge to keep active for the month of March by walking or running and tracking their […]

Kate Niland is no stranger to the effects of cancer. Kate and her husband have both lost many family members to various diagnoses – including her 22-year-old cousin who died from bowel cancer while she was still in high school. “He was far too young,” she said, “and since then, I’ve always tried to find […]