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Woman applying sunscreen.

We bust five widely talked about myths about sunscreen to help you protect yourself from the sun.

Delivering for Australians for 211 years, Australia Post not only has responsibility to the country with its community service obligations, but to its workers by providing a healthy and safe work environment. This includes providing adequate protection from the hazards Australia Post staff may be subject to when working in an outdoor environment. Solar UV […]

Two women wearing hats and sunglasses eating watermelon outdoors.

Planning a picnic outdoors? Check out our top five tips for protecting yourself from the sun.

Woman applying sunscreen.

The Cancer Council sells a range of sunscreen. Read our simple guide to help you choose the best one for you.

UV radiation causes 95% of skin cancers and is present all year round so you need sun protection every day.

With the UV rating set to be extreme this festive season, see our give tips for staying Sun Smart.

Two men applying sunscreen

Sunscreen can help protect you from skin cancer. We answer the most commonly asked questions about sunscreen.

Woman applying sunscreen.

Sunscreen needs to be applied correctly to effectively protect our skin. Learn five ways to do this.

We bust the 10 most common sun protection myths to help you separate fact from fiction.

With the weather warming up, we’re spending more time outdoors. Learn six ways to protect your skin.