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In recognition of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month, here are six things you should know about pancreatic cancer.

In Australia, only around 10% of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer survive for five years or more – and this rate has  barely improved  in  the past few  decades.   Professor  Rasko  is  trying  to change this by  researching  a new  treatment called  CAR T-cell immunotherapy. This type of treatment involves taking a patient’s own […]

The evolving COVID-19 situation has impacted all of us. For people affected by cancer, the pandemic has been particularly challenging.   We asked our community to share how COVID-19 has impacted them.     This is Lindsay’s story of how he has needed to postpone his treatment for his own safety.   My wife Maria […]

Before her diagnosis, the only thing Brenda Blackmore really knew about pancreatic cancer was that it had claimed the life of Dirty Dancing’s Patrick Swayze. “I wasn’t aware of pancreatic cancer, aside from hearing about the celebrities who had died from it,” Brenda said. At age 69, pancreatic cancer was last thing on the McMahons […]