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Asian mother holding broccoli against little girl's face.

New research shows the community supports policies on food labelling and food marketing to children.

A new study has looked into the effectiveness of current food criteria and definitions of ‘unhealthy food’.

Each month children under the age of 15 in NSW make over 3.3 million bus trips and over 2 million train trips, and we know there are alarming numbers of junk food ads all around. We carried out a survey around Sydney schools to find out how many junk food ads kids are exposed to […]

Despite advances in health and medicine, it is predicted that the current generation of 20 year olds in westernized countries may be the first to have a lower life expectancy than their parents. This alarming prediction is largely due to diet and it’s preventable. We know that being overweight or obese increases the risk of 11 […]

A new study released by Cancer Council NSW today has found no reduction in unhealthy food and drink advertisements on television during children’s peak viewing times, despite the fact that the food industry introduced voluntary self-regulatory initiatives in 2009. We found that children are being exposed to an average of three unhealthy food advertisements every […]

With the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio on the horizon, the country’s attention is already turning to team Australia and our hopes for a podium finish. Yet amongst the lightning fast speeds and incredible strength, unhealthy global brands have already made their mark, with Cadbury, McDonald’s and Coca Cola the worldwide sponsors of the upcoming […]