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Cancer prevention is very effective in creating a cancer free future. Learn six things to know about cervical screening.

New research shows new HPV testing approach has picked up extra cancers that would have been missed by Pap Smear tests.

Funding to support the elimination of cervical cancer in Papua New Guinea and India

Children no longer have to fear cervical cancer

Thanks to cancer research, we’re on track to eliminating cervical cancer.

Vaccines help the body to fight and destroy harmful germs including certain viruses that can cause cancer.

A Pacific Islander mother and child

Researchers from The Daffodil Centre to co-lead major collaborative cervical cancer program The NHMRC-funded Centre of Research Excellence in Cervical Cancer Control (C4) has announced a first-of-its-kind humanitarian and research effort to eliminate cervical cancer in the Western Pacific.  Within C4, this initiative has been led by Professor Karen Canfell, Director of The Daffodil Centre; Professor Marion Saville, Executive Director, VCS Foundation; Professor […]

Australia is on track to eliminating cervical cancer, but more needs to be done to help Indigenous women.

Australia could further reduce cervical cancer incidence and mortality by offering self-collection more widely.

WHO has launched a strategy to eliminate cervical cancer and implement national cervical cancer control plans.

Today is International HPV Awareness Day, but what does this have to do with cervical cancer? Well, we know that HPV is the main cause of cervical cancer and because we’ve been able to apply this to our national vaccination and screening programs, we’re closer than ever to eliminating the disease! In fact, recent Cancer […]