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Diane Holt

Over the last decade, Diane Holt has provided phone support to people diagnosed with cancer and cancer survivors.

Mother’s Day can be an especially tough time of year for children and families that have been impacted by cancer.

elderly couple talking

We’ll look at six sex-related questions that people affected by cancer are commonly faced with.  

Our Pro Bono Program is for those affected by cancer and cannot afford to pay for professional advice.  

COVID-19 continues to be challenging for everyone, but we are working hard to support those affected by cancer.

Cancer support group meeting

Connecting with individuals and groups can make a difference to your quality of life and emotional wellbeing.

Elderly couple laughing

Study shows majority of men living beyond prostate cancer feel abandoned by clinicians

For cervical cancer survivor Bridget Montague, calling 13 11 20 made a huge difference to her life.

Emma Dunlevie and Ilana Kacev from Russell Kennedy Lawyers offer pro bono services.

When the pandemic hit, the firm were worried their pro bono services would take a hit.

The program opened their eyes to the challenges faced by people affected by cancer.