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Australia has taken a major step on the way to eliminating cervical cancer, with new changes to screening.

Vaccines help the body to fight and destroy harmful germs including certain viruses that can cause cancer.

Australia could further reduce cervical cancer incidence and mortality by offering self-collection more widely.

A new report has revealed the key breakthroughs and milestones that cancer research has achieved in the last 20 years.

It’s easy to put off cancer screening, but cancer does not delay and may not show any symptoms in its early stages.

Learn how we are providing the community with education on bowel, breast and cervical screening.

Cancer Council NSW is encouraging everyone to stay vigilant with regular health check-ups through isolation and as government restrictions start to ease. Australians have done the right thing and only left the house when absolutely necessary, but what we don’t want to see is this causing a delay in the early detection of cancers. Healthcare […]

Lung cancer is one of Australia’s biggest killers, with the highest mortality rate of any cancer in the country and a low five-year survival rate. This is partly because lung cancer is often not detected until it’s too late for treatment to be effective. However, if caught early, most types of lung cancer are treatable […]