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Alcohol is high in kilojoules, but many Australians are in the dark about how much they’re drinking.

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Cancer Council NSW is partnering with the nib Foundation to raise awareness of the link between alcohol and cancer,

If you’re staying at home during winter, it’s easy to drink more than you should. Learn how to cut back.

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If you’re going alcohol-free this Dry July, see our tips for getting through the month.

How much sugar is in your favourite drinks? Many tend to have a lot of kilojoules and sugar which make you thirstier and are bad for the teeth.

It’s important to stay healthy and hydrated over summer. Read our easy hydration tips.

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Drinking alcohol increases your risk of cancer. Learn 12 ways to reduce your intake.

With last week marking the end of Dry July, the temptation is to pick up a drink and celebrate, but it’s important not to fall back into old habits. Limiting your alcohol intake or, better still, avoiding it altogether reduces your risk of cancer. Why should I continue limiting my alcohol intake? Alcohol consumption is […]

It’s no secret that most Aussies enjoy a drink. In fact, we come in at 10th on the list of countries that consume the most alcohol. Perhaps because alcohol is such a big part of everyday life in Australia, we often forget alcohol is a drug – and one that significantly increases the risk of […]

    ‘We Can. I Can.’  Help prevent 1 in 3 cancers by living a healthy lifestyle This World Cancer Day, Saturday 4 February 2017, Cancer Council NSW is encouraging everyone across NSW to do their part in reducing the global impact of cancer.   1 in 3 cases of cancer could be prevented with […]