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Accepting the support Loretta needed made it a little easier to get through that difficult period of her life.

We look at how you can manage your daily routine so that you can live well with advanced cancer.

Searching for information in the wake of hearing that you have advanced cancer can be a daunting task at the best of times. The facts and figures are out there, but there is very little that discusses the more personal and social issues that linger around the disease. To bridge this gap in available resources, […]

Death can be a thorny topic to discuss, so, many people just don’t talk about it. But having the opportunity to say goodbye and spend time with family and friends when we know we are dying can impact lives immeasurably and offer some comfort and support at a time when all else may seem unbearable. […]

  Muppets creator Jim Henson reportedly specified that nobody should wear black at his funeral and requested jazz tunes. Big Bird sang at his public memorial and mourners heard his advice, made well before his 1990 sudden death, to “watch out for each other…love and forgive everybody…”. Many of us don’t want such fanfare in […]

Just hours before my father died peacefully in a palliative care ward, surrounded by his family, he whispered that he “didn’t think it would be like this”. We hadn’t spoken about what his death might be like when we learned he had advanced cancer, but I still wonder whether the lead-up to his death matched […]

When Michael Mulchrone learned the lung cancer he thought long gone had migrated to his brain and doctors mentioned palliative care in 2015, he was fearful of the journey ahead. A year-and-a-half later, Mike says palliative care wasn’t a “death blow” after all but a life-enriching experience. “When I was first diagnosed, I was left […]