Lara Petelin

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research summary

Lara Petelin is an early career researcher with experience in health economic modelling and evaluation of preventive interventions for hereditary cancer predisposition syndromes. Her expertise lies in microsimulation modelling, with an interest in programming languages R and Python for data analysis and model development. She also has experience in designing and conducting systematic reviews.  

Lara works in the Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer Groups within Cancer Council NSW. She is also involved in an economic evaluation of population-based genetic testing for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer funded by the NHRMC, and projects investigating the utility of incorporating polygenic risk into familial cancer risk assessments.   


  • PhD (Health economics, stochastic analysis and modelling, cancer genetics), University of Melbourne, 2020 
  • Bachelor of Science Honours (Biomedical Science), University of Queensland, 2011 
  • Bachelor of Science/Laws (Genetics and Parasitology), University of Queensland, 2008 


Paul James (PI)…, Lara Petelin (AI). National Breast Cancer Foundation Investigator Initiated Research Scheme 2020-2025. Using polygenic risk modification to improve breast cancer prevention: The PRIMO Trial (IIRS-20-068). $833,556. 

Lara Petelin, Alison Trainer, Paul James and Antonis Antoniou. Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Foundation Grant 2018. Expediting evidence-based personalised cancer risk assessment in familial cancer practice (1838).  $53,992. 

Academic affiliations 

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, The University of Melbourne.  
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Parkville Familial Cancer Centre, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. 

Selected key publications

Petelin L, Hossack L, Shanahan M, Mitchell G, Liew D, James PA, Trainer AH (2020). “Cost-effectiveness of long-term clinical management of BRCA pathogenic variant carriers.” Genet Med 22(5): 831-839.  

Petelin L, Hossack L, Mitchell G, Liew D, Trainer AH, James PA (2019). “A microsimulation model for evaluating the effectiveness of cancer risk management for BRCA pathogenic variant carriers: miBRovaCAre.” Value Health 22(8): 854-862.  

Zhang L, Bao Y, Riaz M, Tiller J, Liew D, Zhuang X, Amor DJ, Huq APetelin LNelson M, James PA, Winship I, McNeil JJ, Lacaze (2019). “Population genomic screening of all young adults in a health-care system: a cost-effectiveness analysis.” Genet Med 21(9): 1958-1968. 

Petelin L, Trainer AH, Mitchell G, Liew D, James PA (2018). “Cost-effectiveness and comparative effectiveness of cancer risk management strategies in BRCA1/2 mutation carriers: a systematic review.” Genet Med 20(10): 1145-1156. 

Petelin LLiew D, Mitchell G, James PA, Trainer AH (2018). “Heterogeneity and uncertainties specific to genome-based health technological assessments.” Value Health 21(7): 891-893.